We believe consistent, quality nutrition helps make pets more adoptable. Since the launch of the show we have together with your support been able to donate over 7,500 meals to shelter pets in need.

The Hill’s Food, Shelter, Love Program is supported by Hill’s pet food purchases, helping more dogs and cats find the loving homes they deserve while we provide support and food for over 300 charities in South Africa.


Has your social media timeline been filled with gorgeous looking dogs, more than usual that is? No, you haven’t entered an alternate universe, it’s all thanks to Netflix’s, A Dog for Life. This 13-part South African docu-reality series, sponsored by Hill’s Pet Nutrition, has been filling us with joy since 15th June and goodness have we needed these feel-good fuzzies.

A show where ‘finding the one’ takes on a whole new meaning, it’s about the extraordinary, very tangible bond between people and shelter dogs. Throughout the series presenter and show ideator Sue White matches shelter dogs with their forever homes around Cape Town. Through a quirky doggy dating process, Sue helps humans look beyond the fluff and fall in love with the one. Despite being abandoned, with a stroke of luck these dogs found their way to their halfway homes at existing shelters – Fallen Angels, Animal Welfare Society of South Africa, Animal Welfare Society Stellenbosch, Honey’s Garden, Animal Anti Cruelty League (AACL), DARG, WOOF Project and Cape of Good Hope SPCA.